Protecting our environment

The special character of the town, associated settlements and landscape depends to a large extent on the area’s unique geology. This provides assets that may be developed in new ways within the period of the Neighbourhood Plan as we seek to move to a more sustainable future.  The plan offers residents a leading role in determining the nature of new development and ensuring that it complies with the highest standards of design, conservation and sustainability.

The Neighbourhood Plan should determine what elements of the existing environment the community values most highly. It can:

  • Preserve & enhance the special character of the locality
  • Ensure that new development is compatible with the built and natural environment.
  • Preserve historic features including green space and ‘heritage’ trees
  • Protect and enhance local landscapes (woodland, limestone grasslands and quarry areas) to ensure a sustainable future

Key questions

  • What types of new housing design and street layout are appropriate?
  • Should Much Wenlock’s and Bourton’s Conservation Areas be extended and further CAs created in other settlements?
  • How to preserve green space within the town, including gardens?
  • How should the margins of settlements, as they give way to open countryside, be treated? (i.e. should there be gradations in density, roof height etc)
  • How can we link enhancement of the natural environment with addressing issues affecting the neighbourhood such as flooding? Should areas of woodland and lakes be recreated around settlements?