Housing needs

The Neighbourhood Plan gives local people the chance to agree the housing needs of the parish between now and 2026.  Much Wenlock is one of the most expensive places in the county to buy a house.  The situation may be even worse if you want to rent a home. The proportion of houses in the town owned by social housing landlords is much lower than the national, regional or Shropshire averages.

The Neighbourhood Plan could be used to:

  • Establish planning policies for housing
  • Identify where any new housing should be built
  • Provide guidance on design and build quality

Through the Neighbourhood Plan people in Much Wenlock can help to clarify:

  • How many local people are in need of housing?
  • What types of houses are likely to be needed?
  • What build quality ought to be demanded?
  • Where any new houses should be built?

These are not easy questions to answer. Most of the houses built in the parish in the last decade have been unaffordable for local people. They were sold on the open market and helped more in meeting national and regional targets than in meeting local housing needs. However, without these open market houses even fewer houses might have been built for rent from social landlords.