Improving community services

Much Wenlock has a range of community services and facilities which support the health and well-being of the local community. We tend to think of these as including things like footpaths, cycle parking, public transport, health, recreation and leisure facilities, parks, allotments and other local ‘green infrastructure’. It is obviously important that improvements to these assets are planned and especially so when public finances are under pressure.

Shropshire Council has begun this process by producing a ‘Place Plan’. Our Neighbourhood Plan provides a real opportunity to set out the community’s views on the right investment in infrastructure and community facilities for the town and parish.

These community assets are provided by a wide range of public organisations and, through the planning decisions we are about to make in the Neighbourhood Plan, they can also be funded from what is sometimes called ‘planning gain’, now called the community infrastructure levy.

The current version of the Place Plan sets out a wide range of infrastructure and investment suggestions and can be found via our Links page. However, it is not yet complete and needs our input.

Some key questions on community services might include;

  • What do we think of Shropshire Council’s Place Plan and list of priorities? Are those on the list rooted in sound evidence and local knowledge?
  • What is missing and what would our community’s priorities be?
  • What level of provision would we want to try and achieve?
  • Would we be willing to agree to levels of development over and above our local needs to help pay for improved facilities?
  • What are the likely costs of providing all of the ‘needs’ and where would we source the funding; what would a meaningfully, costed and programmed investment plan look like?
  • Are there ways of delivering the infrastructure that don’t require development to pay for it?